Club Auction

To help support our club’s activities, we run the Annual Auction. The auctions are fun events, that not only support our club, they are a great way to obtain gift items for your friends and family.


Upcoming 2014 GLMSDC Auction

Special Items

Pyrite sun
Sparta, Randolph County, IL
Twenty years ago these were plentiful; now it’s rare to find one this nice

Baiutz Mine, Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania
Fine old classic, Ex. Wm. W. Pinch Collection. Includes Pinch label

Navajun, Logrono, Spain
Common, of course, but not often of this lovely aesthetic quality.

Galena on Sphalerite
Dal’negorsk, Priorskiy Kray, Russia
Outstanding, aesthetic miniature.

la Sal, la Sal District, San Juan County, UT
The tiny crystal of calcite in the center of the rich blue really pulls this piece together.

Pyromorphite on Malachite
Pizza Pocket, Browns Open Pit, Rum Jungle, Northern Territory, Australia
Sweet little Christmas tree; excellent crystallization. Worth the price just for the locality!

Fluorite and Quartz
Little Falls Creek Deposit, Custer County, ID
Really fine piece from an unusual locality. Ex. Bryce Colwell coll.; Lanny Ream label

Sweetwater Mine, Viburnum Trend, Reynolds County, MO
Simply a classic!

Malachite and Dolomite
Mashamaba West Mine, Katanga, Congo
Stunning, almost other-worldly; top-notch.

Quartz (with bubble inclusions)
Merelani, Arusha, Tanzania
Bubble-included Quartz is important to mineralogy, and it’s fun to find the bubbles!

Jeffrey Quarry, Jeffrey, Pulaski County, AR
It’s the play of size of the crystals that really sets this apart from most AR Quartz.

Quartz (var. amethyst “hour glass”
Overall best of the lot; excellent, rich purple “hour glass”‘, fine crystal, lovely matte luster.